Safety and Security Film from Jake’s has several benefits and is a relatively easy and cost-effective way to provide protection for Residential, Commercial and Government properties. By blocking ultraviolet rays, detouring smash-and-grab robberies and preventing flying glass shards from causing injury. When properly installed, Windows Security Film forms a tinted or clear invisible protective coating over the interior of the glass. Our products have been tested and found to exceed industry standards for impact and tear resistance.
Why have Safety and Security Film?

Security Window Film has the ability to stretch before tearing, it can absorb a significant explosive shock. As this explosive force moves toward the glass and pushes it inward, the glass eventually cracks and breaks. However, the window security film applied to the glass continues to absorb the shock and greatly reduces the damages and dangers of glass shards flying throughout the office space or building interior.

The Safety and Security Films from Jake’s also shades light and protects from UV rays like any other residential window film even though it may not do it quite as well but it has some more advanced benefits, some of which you can probably guess. The safety feature is mainly based around the fact that it is nearly impossible to break through the window without any special equipment if the film is installed. That means there is very small chance the average criminal will get into your home or business that way.

Glass breakage can be caused by anything from simple accidents to a tiny rock that dislodges from the lawn mower, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, bomb blasts, acts of terrorism, fire, and smash and grab burglaries, to home invasions. Our safety films keep people, buildings and even animals and nature safe by reducing the effects of possible blast or pressure on glass, hence reducing the velocity and quantity of projectile glass fragments from scattering around the perimeter of the impact.

Who uses Safety and Security Film?

Home owners, building owners, property managers, national, state and local government, non-profit Institutions, etc.  We offer a variety of shades and weights to meet your specific needs.

Safety & Security films can provide various levels of protection from:

  • Smash-and-grab theft
  • Flying glass shards and injuries
  • Damage caused by vandals and civil disturbances
  • High wind
  • Flying debris
  • Explosions or bomb blasts
  • Terrorist attacks or riots

When you don’t have to worry about intruders easily breaking into your residence, business or facility, you can rest easy knowing that your business is safe. Let our experts show you how adding security window tinting can really help you today!

Call Jake's today and ask about our most durable systems. Even though the main job of this type of film is protection, it can also block glare and uv rays. You get the added benefits of lower air conditioning costs, reduced glare and improved comfort for your family, employees and customers.