Over the years we have found that many residents are still new to window tinting for your home.  Window Film can dramatically improve the function of glass in your home. Jake’s would like to introduce you to Residential Window Tint; one of the most cost effective glare and heat control solutions available for your home.

Window Film reflects the hot sun in the summer and cool air in the winter by forming a layer on your windows, keeping you comfortable all year round.

Residential Tinting

Sun Control Films are designed to reduce the amount of solar heat transmission through window glass by increasing the solar reflection (not necessarily visible reflection) and solar absorption of the glass. Typical color or dyed films will primarily through increased absorption. The color absorbs the solar energy at the glass, thus reducing the direct transmission into the room. 

These films offer marginal performance when compared to reflective films. Reflective films are films that have been precision coated with metals. These metallic films are designed to increase the solar energy reflection of the glass and some of the absorption. Reflective films range from moderate to excellent in solar performance (heat gain reduction). All Some Control Films are protected with our patented abrasion resistant.coating for long term durability and maintain appearance.

Decorative Glass

Due to the demand for quality decorative glass enhancement films.  We now also carry Decorative Films.  These films come in multitude of different patterns and shades.  Now any flat surface can be a piece of art, be in an office, restaurant,
storefront, Bar or bathroom.  These films diffuse light without appreciably cutting down the ambient light.  As a result, any existing window can be converted to privacy glass in a multitude of attractive patterns.  Give your front door glass or skylight leadlight decorative look, create a sensationa bathroom screen or design an attractive room divider with an embossed and engraved look at a very affordable price. This decorative film comes in an outstanding selection of styles to create a unique feature in your home or business.

Other Benefits

Improved Homes Aesthetics

  • The application of properly selected window film will enhance the visual appeal of many homes. It can make windows complement the color scheme of your home and help all the windows look uniform.

Increased privacy

  • Though your view of the outdoors will be virtually unchanged, the film makes it more difficult for people to look inside your home during the day. It can also make your home office or bathroom more secluded by adding film from our privacy series to your windows and doors. Frosted version of our privacy film can also be used in the design of shower doors and kitchen cabinets.

Safety & Security

  • Ordinary glass will break and splinter, due to accidents and intentional acts, but having security film on your windows can reduce the likelihood of injury because our films help hold fragments of shattered glass in place. Ask for more information on our safety and security coatings.

Some of our Residential clients include:

Miller Glass
McKinney's Glass
Midstate Glass

Johnson Auto Glass
Tony's Albrechk Glass
Central Valley Glass





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